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The Patio – There’s No Place Like Home

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When I moved into my home in October it was the middle of “winter” here in Southern California so I haven’t had many opportunities to utilize my (quite large) patio. (Actually I had been out there a total of 1 time since then when I started this project in May.)

Back when I was looking at different places my realtor had told me to look at Ikea’s outdoor flooring if I wanted an inexpensive (and easy option) for my patio. (I don’t think I had even picked a place at this point, all I know is it came up in conversation) Thanks Cheryl 😊 So I had that idea in the back of my head for awhile and that was the first thing that I picked out when I was putting my mood board together for this space.

I had a couple of goals for this space:

  • Be an extension of my living room (I know cheesy, but true!)
  • Be comfy, I really have no desire to make this an outdoor eating area and would much rather use this space to lounge (with friends and family eventually)
  • Get rid of the GROSS astro turf

With those goals in mind I put together the following mood board:

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I ordered everything for my patio online (there is links to everything at the VERY bottom of this post) from Home Depot, Target, Over Stock, Ikea and Big Lots. I did A LOT of digging to find the perfect items for me in my price range and I really love how it all came together!


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This is the image of the patio from the homes listing

Here are some photos I took of the space right before I started working on the space. (the leaves had gotten a little out of hand)

The previous owners had actually left the little outdoor eating set for me so I kept that for now, but when it’s safe again I will probably sell that on letgo/offerup.

The first things that came in were the pillows and the two chairs, thanks for the quick shipping Target and Overstock 😉. Unfortunately some of the other items took a bit of time so in total it took about a month to get everything here. All I had to do to assemble the chairs was attach the seat to the legs.

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But that’s ok(!) because the first thing I had to do was pull up the astro turf (so many bugs and SO much moisture was hanging out under there.) Once that was up I decided to pressure wash the patio, the walls and the glass screens. I also ended up sweeping up a BUNCH of dirt from the patio.

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I LOVE pressuring washing a space! SO satisfying!!

The next thing I got was my first order of flooring (yes my first order because I must have skipped the day in class we went over square feet, sorry Ms. Chang!! I laid those tiles down and they looked awesome so I placed another order immediately, luckily the second order came pretty quick!

While I was waiting for my second order of flooring my couch arrived! This couch came in three sections and was SUPER easy to setup. I quickly got my second order of flooring and with the help of my parents we had it together in about an hour, it immediately elevated the space and made it feel grounded. 🤪

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I got these cafe lights from Target and strung them along the outside wall with command hooks (these are meant to hang things outside). They went up SUPER fast and give off a nice bit of light at night.

One week later and everything was in! The coffee table and side tables came as a set and were the hardest part to put together. They weren’t difficult but they came flat so they did take awhile to assemble.

Of course, my rug came last but once it was spread out the space really came together and had that outdoor living feeling that I was going for in the beginning.

I had just a few more decorative pieces that I wanted to include, like a Off Citronella Candle (it looks nice AND helps keep the bugs away), a planter of succulents a friend had given me as a housewarming gift, a flamingo planter and an solar lantern from Aldi.

I am in love how the space turned out and have already been enjoying it! I can’t wait to spend many a summers night out on my newly decorated patio!! 😃

Here some of the specific before and afters:

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Here is a list of the items that I used on my patio in case you want to scoop them up:

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