Sewology Quilt – Behind the Seams

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This quilt is another long time coming quilt that is FINALLY done! 

I bought this pattern towards the end of 2018 right after Pen and Paper Patterns finished up her year long sew-along for the quilt (that would have been SEW fun!!)

My hope was to get it done for my mom’s birthday in January but of course that didn’t happen. Since it was a surprise for her and I was living with her at the time I didn’t have many opportunities to work on it! 

I recently moved and was able to work on it freely without the threat of her asking what I was working on! 

If you have considered making this quilt and haven’t bought the pattern yet, go and do that NOW. I will wait. Ok are you back? This pattern is HUGE! The detail Lindsey wrote into it is AMAZING!! It has it’s own binder in my collection it is so large! 

Because of all of the detail the pattern was easy to cut, and piece. 

I decided to use my own color scheme for this, matching the tools we use in her sewing room. I.e. the yellow rotary cutter, the orange handles on the scissors, the natural and navy sewing machine, the all yellow pins etc. 

Speaking of the sewing machine, I actually customized the machine from what the pattern says to match one of our most treasured sewing machine’s (it was my grandmothers and both my sister and I learned how to sew on it).

Once the all of the pieces of the top were done putting it all together went really quickly!


I choose to do a simple cross hatch quilting design in hopes to not detract from the piecing in the quilt.

I found this fabric from Joann’s that had gift tag labels printed on them so I fussy cut the label and sewed it on as a label.

Here is the quilt round up:

  • Pattern: Sewology by Pen and Paper Patterns
  • Fabric: Kona Cotton 
  • Quilting: Quilted on a Domestic Machine

7/31/20 – I have an exciting update! Due to COVID-19 the Orange County Fair couldn’t host the fair this year so instead they hosted online competitions. One of the categories was “Peoples Choice Award” and my Sewology Quilt won!!

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