2020 Graduate – Behind the Stitches

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I was trying to decide what to get my sister’s boyfriend for his graduation and I spotted a stitch people design online and the ideas started flowing.

Since he was graduating with his masters degree I originally was thinking of creating two stitch people portraits, one of him in his bachelors regalia and one in his masters.

The plan was to put the years and degrees below the graduates but also came up with the idea of incorporating Disney into the stitch since he works there and he went back to get his masters degree through the Disney Aspire program.

The only down side to this idea was that the upper left hand corner felt empty. After tossing around some ideas with my sister I decided to add his school’s logo to that space and use a font that was more then just an outline for the “CLASS OF 2020.”

This got me pretty close to the final design.


I LOVE how this turned out!!! The fireworks, the castle, the teeny tiny tassel all really pull this piece together!

Here is the stitch round up

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